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My name is Lady Zanda and I’m an experienced In Psychic Reading, Fortune teller intuitive Astrologer with a stellar reputation. I discovered my psychic abilities at the age of four after a near-death drowning experience. At the age of eight I began my metaphysical studies in Astrology, Tarot, Numerology and the Paranormal.

I come from a large family of Psychics and have received training from the best. My skills and knowledge of  Psychic Healing and Spell casting have been passed down to me over many generations of Spiritual Masters.  In my years of training I have perfected the art of Psychic  Healing and Love spell Casting and I am very confident that I can successfully complete every challenge brought before me.  

Cleo Harris, best known as Miss Cleo the face and voice of the Psychic Friends Network television ads of a few years ago, is shown in Lake Worth, Florida, on February 24, 2009, where she lives and has an Internet radio show.  (Photo by Lilly Echeverria/Miami Herald/MCT via Getty Images)

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Magic is real. It lives in every one of us. We all have the power to manifest our greatest desires. Our most profound dreams are within reach. We only need to aim. A psychic spell is an act of harnessing our own, personal psychic energies to create the outcomes that we deeply desire. The greater the desire, the stronger the spell. Psychic spells can be best described as an energy driven by intent.

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