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The ethos of palm reading is that the secrets of our personality are right in front of us, at literal arm’s length. A similar ethos governs astrology (but less literally, unless, of course, your hand is on your phone, ready to open your Co-Star app). And while you might think that conceptual guiding premise is the extent of what these two disciplines have in common, get ready to be surprised. Palm reading in astrology is definitely a thing (you might even think of it as “hand astrology” or “handoscopes”). It’s reflected primarily through the language of astrological elements, with fire hands, air hands, water hands, and Earth hands.


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According to Saucedo, a water hand has a rectangular palm and long fingers, fire hands have a rectangular palm with very short fingers, air has long fingers with more of a square palm, and Earth features a square palm with relatively proportional fingers⁠. Now, I understand that not everyone’s like me and can simply look down to see clear and obvious Earth energy in their curiously compact baby -size paws. So if you’re feeling confused about how each part sizes up, there’s a little trick.



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